Heating and Air Conditioning Information

Small Maintenance Tasks Go a Long Way

Oct 19 2015

There are many factors that affect comfort levels in your Sugar Land home. To enhance safety and comfort, and to even keep your HVAC system performing efficiently, there are many basic maintenance tasks you can implement that are simple but […]

How Indoor Temperatures Can Affect Sleep Patterns

Sep 21 2015

Homeowners in Sugar Land, TX know that during the hot, humid summer it can sometimes be difficult to properly regulate indoor temperatures effectively for consistent comfort. Whether too hot or too cold, less than ideal indoor temperatures can make us […]

Maintenance: Boosting the Efficiency of Your Air Conditioner

Aug 05 2015

When the Texas heat bears down, you probably think about boosting your air conditioning efficiency. Although having a professional maintain your HVAC system is best, you can take several DIY measures to improve your air conditioning efficiency. In fact, inspecting […]

How to Maintain Indoor Air Quality During Home Remodeling

Jul 26 2015

A home remodeling project brings a fresh new look to old spaces. While you are dreaming of your new kitchen, bath or other space, be mindful of harmful toxic substances that you cannot see. These may be lurking behind walls, […]

Looking to Improve Energy Efficiency? Start With Windows

Jun 29 2015

Windows are an architectural and aesthetic focal point to any Sugar Land home. Windows pose a challenge though, when you’re trying to maximize home efficiency. Heat gain or heat loss because of window condition or design, makes a home uncomfortable. […]

How to Ensure Efficient Air Conditioning This Summer

Jun 22 2015

It is easy to take air conditioning for granted. You set the thermostat and nice cool air streams into your Sugar Land home. If only opening the power bill each month were as refreshing. Take a break from high cooling […]

Shopping for a New Air Conditioner? Look at the Lifetime Costs

May 25 2015

The sweltering Texas summers mean investing in a replacement air conditioner takes some planning. A big part of that is assessing the total lifetime costs of a new air conditioner, not just the upfront purchase price. With the right system, […]

Going Green is an HVAC Savings, Not a Sacrifice

Apr 25 2015

Going green and having a zero energy home means that you create as much energy as you use. For those who want to go as green as possible, zero energy is the end goal. Most residences and commercial businesses who have […]

Healthy Home Renovations Using New HVAC Technology

Apr 18 2015

Indoor comfort and energy efficiency can easily go hand in hand when marking home improvements and renovations. By using new HVAC technology, you can improve the efficiency and performance of your heating and cooling system. With some carefully planned home […]

How Do Zoning Systems Work With My Current AC System?

Mar 16 2015

In some homes, maintaining consistent temperatures throughout the structure can be difficult. This is especially true for multi-story homes or larger, rambling homes with an expansive floor plan. Homeowners may also want to restrict cooling to rooms and areas that […]