Ethics Policy

Conditioned Air Ethics Policy

Conditioned Air considers ethical behavior to be the most important element of our company’s culture, both in our conduct and our sales processes. In our selling activity, this is not just a generalized obligatory policy with no real impact. It a fundamental philosophy that has shaped the way we offer our products and services.

Employee Conduct

The ownership and management of Conditioned Air place the highest priority on honesty and integrity. It is of the utmost importance to us that all employees uphold our code of ethics in their daily work. It is in our code of ethics:

  • to be honest with customers
  • to treat our customers’ properties with care and concern as we would our own
  • to act in our customers’ best interests
  • and to always respect our customers

Ethics in the Sales Process

Our sales philosophy and ethics policy are based on two fundamental principles:

  1. present our customers with all available options
  2. charge a price that is fair to the customer.

We adopt these principles because we strive to provide the best value for our customers. We will never force a new equipment sale on our customers just so we can make more money.

We may present new equipment installation or suggest further repair work. However, we will always provide all relevant information so that you can make the decision that is right for you. We will make recommendations based on our expertise, but we will never force a customer to make a particular choice.

When our technicians or sales consultants examine your HVAC system, they will provide valuable advice regarding what is REQUIRED to fix the system, RECOMMEND what you should do to improve the system and alleviate recurring issues, so you can make an INFORMED decision about improving your system and quality of life even more.

Sales Ethics Policy

Each employee who is involved in the sales process must sign an agreement promising to conduct their work in an ethical manner and comply with company rules.

These rules include the following key principles:

  • Always give our customers options about repair or replacement of their equipment and recommend what we perceive to be the best for them rather than just offering an easy sale.
  • We never suggest a client replace equipment that is not faulty just to increase sales goals.
  • We will never tolerate an employee intentionally damaging a customer’s equipment in order to force a replacement.

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