Have you had days ruined by asthma or allergy attacks? Are you constantly plagued by a runny nose or dry, itchy throat during the hot, humid months? Dealing with these allergens outside might be unavoidable, but you deserve to come home and find reprieve from these pollutants in your Sugar Land, Texas, home. Take your comfort back by identifying and fending off the unwelcome allergens. The following are three common allergens and how you can fend them off.


Dander is flakes of dry skin that fall off of your pet. Many persons are allergic to dander. In addition, pets lick at the dander when they groom themselves, bathing the dander in an allergy-causing protein that is present in the saliva of most pets. That dander then becomes airborne and causes a host of allergy issues.

The easiest way to prevent the effects of dander is to bathe and groom your pet regularly. For those who are especially sensitive, it is a good idea to keep pets out of bedrooms and off furniture.


The bane of every allergen and asthma-sensitive individual: pollen. Most trees shed all of their pollen by the end of spring, but by the time they’re done, grass and weeds are just getting started. Pollen is especially a problem here in Texas, where we have an abundance of pollen-producing plants like Bermuda grass, mountain cedar, and ragweed. Even if you spend little time outside, pollen can find ways into your home on bottom of shoes or through leaks in doors or windows.

If you’re concerned that pollen has already infiltrated your home and become a part of the airflow, consider installing an air purifier. These air cleaners work with your air conditioner and clean the air more effectively than a standard HVAC filter.


Fungi love warm conditions. Mold can find a home in areas of your home that are prone to moisture, especially the bathroom. Once mold has taken root, its spores will spread and become airborne.

Mold can be combatted in several ways. To prevent extra moisture from collecting within the bathroom, make sure there is adequate ventilation when showering or bathing. Using the exhaust fan is a great way to help to control humidity.

Water tends to collect around sinks and mold can easily make a home there. Clean the entire bathroom often and keep dry to remove any standing water. This helps to prevent mold formation.

Use exhaust fans in the kitchen when preparing meals and try to limit the use of hot water from the faucet or dishwasher. It is best to wash dishes when you have a full load. The same goes for the washing machine. Avoid using the hot water as much as possible and use ideally with full loads. Your dryer’s vent should be designed to let hot air out of the house.

General Solutions to Common Allergens

An air purifier will do more than limit pollen spread; it will also kill other irritants circulating in your air supply. Keeping all areas of your home clean and having a regular cleaning regimen will prevent dust mites and other irritants from getting out of control. Some additional solutions include ensuring you always have proper ventilation to avoid stale air. Schedule regular HVAC maintenance to have your system thoroughly cleaned and don’t forget to change your filter regularly.

By tackling these allergens, you will have a comfortable sanctuary in no time. Protect your health and the efficiency of your HVAC system with easy indoor air quality solutions. For more help with getting your indoor air quality under control, call Conditioned Air Mechanical today at (281) 561-6911. We can provide maintenance and repair services and portable and whole-house systems to keep your indoor air quality clean all year long.

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