You strive to keep your Bellaire, Texas, home as safe as you can for your children. You’ve child-proofed everything you can think of and, overall, the environment you’ve created is great for kids. But you may have missed a few unexpected hazards in your home, like sharp objects, air-quality issues, and the choking threats certain common household objects present.


The dishwasher is home to many sharp objects that kids might accidentally (or intentionally) touch or play with. Knives and forks, with their sharp ends pointing up, present a danger to children. The chemicals you use to wash the dishes are hazardous if consumed. You also don’t want the kids opening the dishwasher without supervision, since steam comes out when the dishes are newly washed. Be sure to put your knives and forks in the dishwasher with the handles pointing upward, store dish detergent out of reach, and teach your small children not to open the door without an adult around.

Household Cleaners

You probably already know that many cleaning products aren’t safe if ingested, but did you know that the ingredients in some can also be hazardous to asthma patients and people with severe allergies? To be on the safe side, keep cleaning supplies out of reach, and avoid using bleach-based cleaners. To avoid triggering respiratory problems, look for environmentally friendly or natural options. You might also try making your own.

Window Treatment Cords

Pay attention to the cords on your blinds. Cords may be too long or may become stretched over time. Make sure the cords are out of children’s reach at all times. Kids can get tangled up in these cords, or they may chew on the plastic ends. Either way, the cords are hazardous. Get a hook so you can wind the cord up after you open the blinds or change your window treatments altogether so nothing hangs within a child’s reach.

HVAC Systems

An unmaintained HVAC system can be as dangerous to the respiratory system as those noxious chemical cleaners. Dust, mold, and even microbes can get caught in old air filters, ducts, and on coils in the air conditioner. No matter how often you vacuum and dust, if your HVAC system needs maintenance it’s going to continue circulating the same dust you keep trying to clean up. You can change the air filters yourself, but to make sure the rest of your system is up to standard, call in a professional HVAC technician to perform yearly maintenance.

Latex Balloons

When latex balloons are full of air, they’re lots of fun for kids. But uninflated balloons or those that have popped, present choking hazards. You don’t have to deprive your kids of balloons to keep them safe; just keep an eye on the kids while they’re playing with them, and get rid of them long before they can deflate or as soon as they pop.

Soft Bedding

Overly soft and fluffy bedding can actually end up covering a baby’s face and suffocating your little one. This includes down pillows, comforters, and fluffy toys. Until babies are at least a year old, make sure the mattress in the crib is firm and the mattress cover tight. You don’t want to put any soft bumpers, down pillows, comforters, or fluffy toys in the crib with your infant.

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