Today’s homeowner is often on the lookout for energy saving tips to trim costs related to household operations. As you implement air conditioner tips, however, it’s important to be sure that your HVAC information is correct. Distinguish between opinion, fiction and fact as you decide about issues like settings, equipment services and at home maintenance. Consider some of the following misperceptions as examples.

Air Filters Aren’t All That ImportantConditioned Air Texas HVAC Services

Many homeowners ignore their filters. It’s easy to do because the air handler is often out of sight. However, your air filter is extremely important, and many problems with both heating and cooling in the home can be traced to dirty filters. Consider these facts:

  • According to the U.S. Department of Energy, replacement of a clogged air filter can make an improvement of between five and 15 percent in energy usage.
  • Filters help with your indoor air quality to some degree, but more importantly, they protect internal parts of your air handler from the influx of dirt that can further affect system performance.
  • One air filter for the year isn’t enough. You should install a clean filter at the start of the heating or cooling season. Make a change every three months at the minimum. Monitor monthly for the potential need to make an earlier change.

I Don’t Need HVAC Maintenance

Some homeowners just don’t realize that HVAC maintenance service is available for their HVAC equipment. Others view it as a worthless expense. One of the best energy saving tips you can follow is to have your system serviced annually. Your air conditioner’s mechanical activity leads to wear and tear over time, and a tune-up is important for keeping it operating smoothly when you need it most. How would your vehicle perform if you didn’t service it regularly? You shouldn’t be surprised that your home comfort system requires its own services from time to time. Additionally, your HVAC maintenance can save you a lot on your utility bills. Consider these facts:

  • Dirty coils inside your air handler and in your outside condenser unit can add up to 30 percent to your energy usage for cooling the house. Coil cleaning is an important activity included in your maintenance service.
  • Low refrigerant can increase your energy costs for cooling your house by 20 percent or more. Your technician checks levels and pinpoints leaks. He will recommend recharging and repairing as needed to ensure that proper system performance is restored.

Broken parts can be identified and fixed prior to the onset of cooling season. Repair calls can be costly and inconvenient, and your HVAC contractor can save a lot of frustration and expense by helping you to deal with such issues before hot weather arrives.

I Can Do My Own At Home Maintenance

You can gently spray your condenser coils in your outside unit once or twice during the summer, especially if your unit gets a lot or use or if your home is affected by severe winds and dust storms. However, fine-tuning many parts of your system will require specialized tools and technical knowledge. At home maintenance can lead to damage of fragile parts, and the risk of electrical shock can be serious if you aren’t attentive to shutting off power sources. Additionally, some parts of your system may be difficult to access for thorough cleaning or inspection. You may attempt your own service, but you may find that you end up spending more than expected in related repairs.

My Ducts Don’t Need Attention

Did you know that your ductwork is one of the most significant sources of energy loss related to your HVAC equipment? If your ducts are in good shape and lack significant blockages, you can still expect 20 percent of your heating and cooling dollars to be swallowed up by energy loss through your duct walls. Leaks can raise that percentage to 40 or more. Annual service may not be necessary to keep your ducts in good condition, but you should have them inspected every three to five years. Leaks and dirt can be addressed through specialized service to reduce the impact on your home’s air supply and energy bills.

My Dial Thermostat Does Its Job Well

While you may be satisfied with your current thermostat, this is another tool that should be used wisely in controlling your energy costs and maintaining optimum comfort levels. There are several ways that you can benefit by paying more attention to HVAC information about thermostats. For example:

  • An adjustment of one degree on your thermostat settings for an eight-hour period can represent a one percent change in energy use. Following Energy Star thermostat guidelines can make a big impact on your HVAC-related energy costs.
  • You can waste more energy by shutting your heating or cooling equipment off at night because extra energy is required to bring the house back to the desired comfort level after it loses heating or cooling energy at night.
  • An old thermostat may require frequent calibration to ensure that it provides accurate changes in household comfort control.

Consult with a Specialist

When you want reliable air conditioner tips, the best resource is a specialist with extensive experience and a proven record for putting customers first. Conditioned Air technicians are available to provide the maintenance services needed to optimize your equipment for the season. We can also help you in evaluating the latest thermostat choices and other energy saving solutions. Call our Conditioned Air  HVAC Texas office to discuss your maintenance needs today.

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