Having a properly functioning air conditioner not only keeps you and your family cool, it also helps you to save on your energy bills. To survive the weather conditions in Sugar land, Texas, it is very important that you keep your air conditioner in good working order. Don’t ignore signs that your air conditioner might need to be serviced. The sooner you take action, the better able you will be to save yourself from costly repairs, or an even more expensive system replacement.

Your AC is Noisy

When your air conditioner is working properly, you shouldn’t hear loud noises coming from any part of the system. Your air conditioner does a lot to heat and cool your home. Sometimes because of the demands on the system, or its age, parts sometimes come loose or just succumb to wear and tear. You might hear different kinds of noises such as hammering, whistling, or rattling. Contact your trusted HVAC specialist for a thorough inspection, diagnosis and repair of the unit. A damaged part can eventually cause damage to the entire system. You also do not want to contend with a noisy system as you try to get much-needed sleep.

Energy Bill Hike

Over time, you will be able to have a better idea of how you use energy and how it impacts your energy bill. When it is especially hot, you know it will be slightly higher than normal. When the weather is fair, and you reduce your reliance on the system, you expect to see lower bills. If in any period your bill seems unnaturally high, an inefficient air conditioning system could be a possible reason.

It could be something as simple as needing to change your air filter. Your filter keeps your indoor air clean and allows air to freely pass through the system. A clogged or dirty air filter restricts airflow and causes your system to work harder to maintain the right temperature. It could also mean that you need a new air conditioner. Your HVAC technician can provide advice regarding whether it is better to repair or replace your system. Continuing to operate an inefficient system can turn out to be very costly.

Temperature Control Problems

If you have your thermostat set to 73, but it feels like it is 100 degrees in your house, either you need a new thermostat or there is a problem with your unit. There are several factors that could cause inconsistencies between the thermostat setting and the actual indoor temperature. Your HVAC technician is in the best position to thoroughly check the system to determine the source of the problems. Sometimes refrigerant leaks, a dirty air filter, electric failure, an issue with the condensate drain, or damage to components can affect your system’s ability to set correct temperatures.

Regular maintenance is one way to avoid such problems. When you schedule routine maintenance, your HVAC technician will thoroughly check all parts of the indoor and outdoor components of your air conditioning system. This maintenance visit includes:

  • Cleaning and removing any buildup or clogs within the system
  • Tightening loose parts
  • Lubricating moveable parts
  • Repairing or replacing any damaged component
  • Evaluating the system for overall performance and efficiency

Routine maintenance means your system will receive the care it needs, and will enable your technician to identify any problems that might be developing, and take care of it before it becomes a more costly matter. Even if you think there is nothing wrong with your system, you should schedule routine maintenance at least once per year. Your technician is likely to find problems you are not able to identify.

To save money, it might be tempting to ignore problems with your air conditioner, or you might be tempted to dismiss them, especially if the indoor air still feels okay. However, ignoring any air conditioner problem, can easily lead to big problems.

Contact the experts at Conditioned Air Mechanical HVAC Services for an effective resolution to your air conditioning problems. Give us a call at (281) 561-6911 for more information about our air conditioning systems and maintenance plans. We have been providing service to Sugar Land, River Oaks and Bellaire since 1956. You can trust that we have the required HVAC experience, so you can be comfortable and save more. Don’t sit around with a malfunctioning system. Call us today!

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