Geothermal heating and cooling systems increase indoor air quality, lower utility bills and help the environment. A geothermal heating and cooling system has an indoor heat pump that connects to a group of plastic or copper pipes filled with water or refrigerant. Since temperatures underground stay almost constant, geothermal systems use less energy than conventional heat pumps or furnaces. Read on to explore some of the benefits of installing a geothermal HVAC system in your home in River Oaks, Texas.

Better Indoor Air Quality

Since a geothermal system doesn’t bring outdoor air into your home like most other heat pumps and air conditioners, you won’t have to deal with allergens like pollen or outdoor pollutants from nearby traffic. Since the indoor air handlers in geothermal systems work continuously instead of stopping when the thermostat reaches the temperature you choose, people can stay more comfortable.

The indoor humidity also stays low in warm weather. This prevents harmful particulates that could cause asthma or allergy symptoms.

Lower Monthly Utility Bills

Geothermal systems are more efficient than conventional HVAC systems, and they can lower your utility bills. Many can also work as water heaters, so you won’t need extra energy or space for a separate unit.

Installation is more expensive than a conventional unit, but many geothermal systems can last for more than half a century. Lower maintenance costs and fewer breakdowns make the investment worth it, as well.

Reduce Environmental Impact

Geothermal heat pumps don’t burn fossil fuels, and they use only a small amount of electricity. You can make a geothermal unit even more environmentally friendly by using it with wind or solar power.

Avoiding pollution is a goal for many home buyers. That’s why installing a geothermal system can also increase your home’s value.

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