You may notice more dust and allergens leaving your air ducts when you turn your air conditioner on. This could mean that you need air duct cleaning to help your HVAC unit become more energy efficient. Read more about the benefits of air duct cleaning and when you need it for your Stafford, TX, home.

Signs That You Need Air Duct Cleaning

You should first inspect your air filter and vents for excess dust and debris. You can contact our professionals to inspect the motor of your HVAC system as well as the air conditioning coil to see if they need cleaning. The more dust that’s on any of these components, the more you’re in need of duct cleaning services in your home.

Consequences of Not Having Your Ducts Cleaned

A clogged air duct can prevent your HVAC unit from working correctly, requiring it to use more energy to work past the dust. The dust buildup stops the airflow in your home, creating temperature differentials. It uses more energy as well. The excess dust can also lead to poor indoor air quality, causing potential health problems for you and your loved ones.

Benefits of Duct Cleaning

A visit from our professionals to receive duct cleaning will help you notice a large difference in the functionality of your HVAC system. It’ll work much better, needing fewer repairs in the long run, and your energy costs will lower as the system runs more efficiently. You will also feel healthier with less allergens present.

Dirty air ducts can wreak havoc on your home and your HVAC system over time. Contact the professionals at Conditioned Air to receive regular maintenance, including air duct cleaning.

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