Should you take a different approach to cooling your Sugar Land, Texas, home based on the time of day? Find out how your cooling strategy should change from day to night during the summer months so you save energy.

Put Your Windows to Work

Summer is all about the sunshine, but when it comes through the windows, it just heats things up. Your daytime strategy should include heavy drapes or sun-blocking shades to help keep your home cool. At night, you can open things up again, especially if there’s a nice breeze. If the air is cool outside during the evening, set up a fan by the window to get better ventilation and turn off the AC or set the thermostat at a higher temperature.

Use Your AC’s Fan Intelligently to Help With Cooling Your Home

If you have a central air conditioning system, you’ll see that you have the option to turn your AC’s fan to either “auto” or “on.” When you’re heading to bed, switch the fan to “on” so that the system is circulating air continuously. This keeps the temperature more even through your house, and it helps dehumidify the air.

Put That Programmable Thermostat to Use

Create programs based on the time of day. If everyone is out of the house during the daytime, then set the temperature to at least 78 or 80 degrees. With the shades drawn, the house will stay reasonably cool even without the AC running. You can program the thermostat to restore comfortable temperatures by the time you get home. If you switch to a smart thermostat, you can even turn the air on a few minutes before you get home, so you’ll walk into a cool house. Higher temperatures are recommended for bedtime, but what you choose will ultimately be based on your comfort needs. Adjusting the thermostat appropriately will reduce your energy use and still keep things cool on hot summer nights.

You don’t have to suffer during the summer months — day or night if you have Conditioned Air in your corner. Give us a call at (281) 561-6911 for more summer AC maintenance tips, or explore our website to learn more.

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