Who doesn’t look forward to pumpkin-flavored treats and the beauty of changing leaves each fall? Homeowners in Sugar Land, Texas know that keeping the indoor air comfortable during the fluctuating temperatures of late summer is an important part of enjoying the season to the fullest. The changing air temperatures need not be a challenge. There are simple but often overlooked steps that will keep home temperatures nice and comfortable regardless of the temperatures outside.

Thermostat Settings

The sometimes hot, sometimes cool weather can make your thermostat settings ineffective if you do not program it accordingly. Many programmable thermostats allow you to view local weather forecasts for several days ahead. This option gives you an idea of projected weather conditions so that you can set your thermostat according to the weather conditions for more efficient use of your HVAC system.

Check for Air Leaks

Air leaks around windows or doors or in your ductwork will make it more difficult to achieve optimum temperatures. Check your doors and windows for any cracks or gaps, and consider caulk or weatherstripping to prevent you from losing conditioned air, and to prevent unwanted air from getting into your home.

Air loss from ducts can result from faulty seams or tears in the ductwork. Your HVAC technician will either replace ductwork or repair by sealing.


Heat flows from warmer to cooler areas. Therefore when it is still hot outside, you will not want the hot air invading your air conditioned space. When it is cooler outside and you need a little warmth inside, you will not want to sacrifice your comfortable indoor temperatures. Proper insulation will also slow or prevent heat gain or heat loss, and help to lower your heating and cooling costs. Your HVAC technician can help you to determine if your insulation is sufficient and in good condition.

Contact Conditioned Air, TX for more ways to ensure you achieve ideal temperatures efficiently. Our HVAC system specialists provide preventive maintenance, emergency, and routine repair services to ensure you remain consistently comfortable indoors, even when the temperatures outdoors fluctuate. Call us today at (281) 561-6911 for more information or to schedule an appointment.

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