Autumn can bring about a host of asthma triggers, particularly in the warm Sugar Land, Texas, area where ragweed can persist long past the summer peak. Troublesome allergens can come from sources both inside and outside the home, with many present in the very items you’re using to dress up your space. Give your home a fresh fall look with decor ideas that won’t pose problems for persons with asthma.

Dust Small Services and Crevices

Many popular fall decorations have lots of small cracks and crevices or soft, welcoming surfaces where dust and other asthma triggers can hide. If you’ve adorned the house with garlands of soft faux leaves, these could easily gather a wealth of dust and distribute it with every jostle. Dust these types of decorations regularly, and opt for those with larger surfaces that are easier to clean. Whenever possible, choose gourds instead of acorns, for example.

Eliminate Authentic Leaves

Bringing real leaves into the house can cause respiratory problems for allergy and asthma sufferers. Leave the authentic branches and leaves out of the house. If you prefer to incorporate natural fall leaves into your decor, look for those that won’t cause problems for asthma sufferers. Otherwise, it may be better to forego this type of decorating completely.

Toss Ripe Gourds

Pumpkin carving is a classic part of the autumn season. Don’t keep them around too long, however, as they can rot quickly, encouraging mold growth. Keep the carved pumpkins outside for display, where they are less likely to contaminate your air. Throw them away as soon as they begin to rot and exhibit spots.

Keep Your Air Clean

Despite your best efforts, dust, and other allergens are bound to find their way into your home. Help asthma sufferers stay comfortable by installing a whole-house air cleaner and changing your HVAC filter regularly. This will keep your air as clean as possible with any decor.

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