Air conditioning represents one of the most remarkable feats of human ingenuity. It’s a technology that allows people to live and work in places like Bellaire that would otherwise be uncomfortably hot and humid. Thanks to advancements in science and industry, cooling systems are becoming better for the environment too. Refrigerants that contain ozone-depleting chemicals are being phased out, and replacements like Puron refrigerant are allowing manufacturing companies to develop highly efficient products. Introduced by the Carrier Corporation in 1996, Puron is featured in the company’s latest generation of green HVAC systems.

The Puron Difference

Puron Regrigerant in Carrier HVAC systems

For decades, the refrigerant known as R-22, commonly called “Freon,” was the refrigerant of choice for residential HVAC systems in Bellaire and across the nation. The problem with R-22 is that it contains chlorine, which when leaked into the atmosphere contributes to the depletion of the earth’s protective ozone layer. Puron, on the other hand, is chlorine-free, and is one of a family of refrigerants known as R-410A. Carrier was the first to introduce an R-410A refrigerant into the market, and the company holds the trademark for the Puron refrigerant. Air conditioners that use Puron offer you a way to stay cool and comfortable while helping to protect the environment.

Benefits of Puron

Puron operates at a higher pressure than its outdated counterparts, so systems that use the refrigerant feature tough, long-lasting compressors built to withstand the greater stress. Because Puron can absorb more heat than R-22 refrigerants, air conditioners designed for its use are less subject to burnout from overheating as well. Puron allows for higher efficiency ratings too, which means that the equipment uses less energy to achieve and maintain desired temperatures. It all adds up to more savings than ever before, with lower monthly energy bills and fewer repair costs year after year.

New System Installations

Although the production of R-22 refrigerants will continue to service existing systems, government regulations require that it not be used when manufacturing new HVAC systems. As the ozone-depleting refrigerant becomes less available, experts expect the cost for R-22 to rise. Many residents in Bellaire are wondering if now is a good time to replace their current system. The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) offers these tips for anyone considering a new installation:

  • Replacing an older HVAC system with an Energy Star qualified product can cut your heating and cooling costs by as much as 40 percent.
  • The higher the Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio (SEER) rating, the more you’ll save on cooling expenses.
  • Care should be taken to choose an HVAC provider schooled in the installation and service of products using R-410A refrigerants like Puron.

As a Carrier Factory Authorized Dealer, Conditioned Air is qualified to install a wide range of green HVAC systems, and our technicians have undergone specialized training to ensure that the systems are properly installed and maintained. To learn more about our eco-friendly products or to schedule a free consultation,contact Conditioned Air today.

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