It’s easy for our homes to get a bit stuffy and musty in River Oaks, Texas, in autumn when we are in between the hot and cold seasons. You can use easy strategies to freshen your indoor air without using harmful commercial products or unnatural ingredients.

Simmer Tasty Scents on the Stove

To get started, you can put a few inches of water in a pan on the stove and add your favorite scents to simmer throughout the day. Apple peels, orange or lemon rinds, cinnamon sticks, dried cloves, rosemary, allspice, and similar products can all create a delicious aroma when simmered. If you don’t want to leave the stove on all day, you can place these items in a small crockpot instead.

Keep Things Clean

A clean home will naturally smell fresher than one that is not as well maintained. You should launder drapes, throws, and pillow covers regularly. Vacuum upholstery and carpets, and sweep and mop up floors to keep things fresh and clean. You should make sure that you don’t forget to clean your air as well. Change the air filter in the HVAC system every one to three months, schedule annual maintenance for the air conditioner and furnace, and consider installing a whole-home air cleaner for a more comprehensive treatment.

Craft Personal Potpourri

Store-bought potpourri is often filled with artificial scents and harsh additives, but you can make an all-natural version at home that is much healthier for your air. Dry aromatic herbs and flowers by laying them out on a window screen or hanging them in bunches. Add complementary spices and sprinkle on some favorite essential oils.

Diffuse Some Favorite Oils

Air diffusers are a great way to add light aromas to our home. To get the perfect aroma, you can go ahead and mix your own oil. Use a few drops of a favorite essential oil mixed with enough baby oil to immerse the bottoms of your bamboo sticks. Drop the sticks in a narrow-necked vase and let them absorb the smell and release it into the air.

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