Now that winter has given way to warmer weather, it’s time to get your Sugar Land, Texas, business ready for spring. With just a few repairs and inspections, you’ll be able to focus on building your business instead of fixing it.


The winter weather brought cold and damp conditions that could easily lead to the growth of mold and mildew. Spaces that are not well ventilated can also develop a musty odor. Check carefully for problem areas before they get worse. A ventilator is a very effective option for restoring fresh, clean, air.


Schedule a commercial HVAC maintenance visit. During routine maintenance, we will check all areas of your unit, including the condenser, wiring, refrigerant, drain lines, evaporator coils, filters, blower fan, and more. This way, when you need to switch from heat to air conditioning, you’ll know your system will work as it should.

Indoor Air Quality

You want to create an indoor environment that is safe and healthy for staff and customers. Managing indoor air quality will get rid of mold. There are other pollutants you want to be aware of as well. As we get into spring, you will find employees sensitive to allergens, frequently displaying symptoms. There is a lot you can do to keep allergens out of your workplace. During HVAC maintenance, your technician will thoroughly clean your system so that contaminants do not end up in your indoor air. However, it is very important that you make sure your filter is changed as often as needed.

A clean environment, avoiding the use of chemicals, and monitoring humidity levels, are all important steps in managing indoor air quality. Your HVAC contractor can evaluate your indoor air quality and identify and eliminate threats.

Being Proactive

We are often vigilant about health and safety at home, but a lot can be overlooked in the workplace. Make sure this spring you place a priority on making sure you pay attention to indoor conditions. They too can eventually affect your profitability.

When you are ready to schedule commercial HVAC maintenance or an indoor air quality evaluation, give Conditioned Air a call at (281) 561-6911.

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