Another warm Texas spring is on the way, which means it’s almost time for spring home maintenance on your house and the surrounding grounds. The following suggestions can help you get started with your spring home maintenance planning and preparation.

Spring Home Maintenance TasksConditioned Air Mechanical HVAC Services

  • Schedule HVAC preventive maintenance: Spring is the best time to have preventive maintenance done on your air conditioner or heat pump. Regular maintenance helps keep your cooling system running at its most efficient and effective while reducing the chance of malfunctions or failures. Make sure the system’s air filter is changed regularly. Contact your local trusted HVAC dealer to schedule a maintenance appointment.
  • Check the roof: Have the roof inspected to ensure it is still in good condition after the winter months. Increased rain and storms in the spring season could make any damage worse and can lead to damaging roof leaks.
  • Clean the gutters: Make sure the gutters on your home are clean and free of leaves, sticks and other debris. Gutters should be solidly attached and in good repair. Missing, damaged or blocked gutters could cause rainwater to get inside your home to damage attics, walls or floors.
  • Check and repair window screens: If you plan to open your windows and doors this spring, look over your screens before installing them. Have them repaired or rescreened if necessary.
  • Clean outdoor areas: Remove any sticks, limbs or other debris from your yard, driveway and deck. Use a high-pressure water hose to clean the deck and driveway. Remove any built-up mud, vegetation or debris from around your HVAC system’s outdoor unit and clean the coils and cabinet.
  • Maintain safety devices and detectors: Spring is an excellent time for checking your smoke detectors, carbon monoxide detectors, and other home safety devices. Put in fresh batteries and test the units to make sure they’re working properly.

Learn more about the spring home maintenance available from the pros at Conditioned Air, or give us a call at (281) 561-6911. We’re available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week!

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