There are a number of variables that play a part in determining the life span of an A/C. The quality and durability of the equipment, and whether it was sized and installed correctly are two key factors. The amount of use the equipment gets and whether it’s maintained with annual tuneups also impact A/C life span.

If you’re trying to figure out how long your A/C might last, consider these factors, too:

  • Age – The average air conditioner life span is approximately 15 years, but the heavy workload of keeping a Texas home comfortable can shorten an A/C’s service life. After 10 years, cooling capacity and reliability start to decline, so you’ll experience less comfort, frequent repairs and an increased risk of failure when the heat and humidity peak. Replacing it before there are serious problems can save you future repair costs and the misery of enduring a mid-season failure.
  • Humidity – An aging A/C can have problems moving air across the coil and removing enough humidity, leaving your home sticky and uncomfortable. If the equipment was sized using the “rule of thumb” method, it may be too large for your home, which also impacts how well it dehumidifies the space. Factor in air leakage through unsealed ductwork and operating your older cooling system can translate into poor air quality, musty odors, mold and mildew problems and even structural damage.
  • Energy consumption – Energy efficiency diminishes with age, so you’ll pay more to stay comfortable as your A/C approaches the end of its life span. If it’s a pre-2006 model that has a seasonal energy efficiency ratio (SEER) of 10 or lower, your air conditioner’s SEER is also adding to those high operating costs. New models offer SEER ratings between 13 and 24, and for every SEER point, efficiency jumps 10 percent. An upgrade to a 16 SEER represents 60 percent in energy savings and that can increase by another 15 percent with Energy Star-rated equipment.

For expert help with determining the A/C life span in your home, contact us today at Conditioned Air TX. Our customers’ future comfort has been our top priority since 1956.

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