When the frosty winter comes to Sugar Land, Texas, warmth and comfort in the home become a priority for homeowners. Finding a way to get rid of the cold and drafts will keep you more comfortable and conserve energy.

Use Drapes

Even if you’ve sealed all cracks and gaps around window frames, rooms can still be affected by cold air via the panes or glass. Thick drapes are a stylish alternative. Use drapes with special insulating material to trap warmth inside and keep away the outdoor cold. Choose colors and textures that add a greater sense of comfort to your rooms.

Hang Portieres

Portieres are curtains that you hang in open doorways instead of at windows. They function as screens that offer several uses at once. They cut off the air flow from one room to the next. This is very effective in minimizing the effect of cold air in a drafty room. Portieres will also add a bit of decor while also adding a sense of privacy.

Make Draft Stoppers

You can purchase inexpensive stoppers. However, making your own is a fun, low-cost project and a quick fix to stop air from coming through the gaps under doors and loose windows.

Try Area Rugs

If your floors aren’t carpeted, then you should invest in area rugs to cover and “insulate” cold spots. Rugs not only help to keep your feet warm, they can also do much to enhance your decor as well.

Check Your Heating System

If you are experiencing persistent cold areas, your furnace could be having a hard time functioning at maximum efficiency, or your air ducts could have leaks. It is also important to take care of your heating system by changing filters regularly and by investing in regular maintenance.

If your heating system isn’t keeping the cold away, contact Conditioned Air Mechanical HVAC Services at (281) 561-6911. Don’t suffer through the cold or waste energy. Give your expert technicians a call today.

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