You shouldn’t fill your home in Stafford, Texas, with unwanted noise pollution. Older air conditioners are usually loud, cycling on and off while creating distractions. To ensure you sleep in peace, consider investing in one of the quietest AC options on the market.

Mini-Split Ductless Systems

One of the biggest selling points of a mini-split ductless system is its quiet cooling capabilities. Mini-split systems are mounted to the wall, and they don’t need ducts to spread conditioned air in your home.

Rather than heating and cooling an entire home, most homeowners use mini-split systems for room additions or downsizing. They’re most suitable in home offices, nurseries and theater rooms.

Geothermal Air Conditioning

A geothermal air conditioner heating and air conditioning is one of the quietest AC options you can purchase. The system uses the constant ground temperature to heat and cool your home.

When you invest in a geothermal system, you gain a cost-effective source of energy to cool your home on the hottest summer days. Since geothermal systems don’t require an outside compressor or fan, you won’t deal with the annoying noises that traditional units create.

Individual Central Air Options

Old central air conditioning systems were never known for being quiet, but thankfully, newer models are a lot more sound-conscious. If you have ductwork in your home and prefer to use central air, rest assured there are plenty of worthy options to choose from.

Ask your HVAC contractor about the quietest AC options on the market. It’s likely they know just the right brand and model for your specific heating and cools needs.

If you’re interested in upgrading your HVAC system to a quieter model, we’re the HVAC company to talk with. Contact Conditioned Air at (281) 561-6911 to talk with a live knowledgeable representative today.

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