As the seasons change in River Oaks, Texas, the weather cools down during fall’s evenings and early mornings. If you’re like most homeowners, you probably haven’t turned on your furnace in months. Waiting until the first cold day of the year to turn it on can lead to issues if something isn’t working properly. Instead of taking the risk, schedule a visit from an HVAC service technician for a fall furnace tuneup.

Protect Your Family

If you have a natural gas furnace, the unit burns fossil fuels to produce energy that heat the air. The byproduct of burning fossil fuels is carbon monoxide, which can be dangerous in large quantities.

If your furnace has a leak or other damage, the carbon monoxide could cause serious health issues or even be fatal. Since it’s odorless, It’s nearly impossible to detect a carbon monoxide leak without a detector. During your furnace tuneup, the service technician will make sure that there are no signs of damage that could allow for a leak.

Keep the Air Flowing

Poor efficiency is a major culprit in weak airflow. When you raise the temperature on your thermostat but the air doesn’t seem to get much warmer, you might have a problem that’s decreasing the efficiency of your heating system. A furnace tuneup includes a full assessment of the heating system, so the technician can figure out what is causing the weak airflow.

Reduce the Need for Repairs

Regular maintenance can also help keep your system operating at peak efficiency, which reduces the wear and tear on the components. When your system is overloaded with dirt and dust, the moving parts have to work harder to deliver the same amount of warm air. As a result, you may end up having to perform additional repairs or replace the entire HVAC system prematurely. 

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