Your furnace can be your family’s best friend during an icy winter, but if repair costs mount, you may wonder just how long your furnace will last. ┬áStatistically, you can expect a high-quality system to provide up to 30 years of service. However, not every system will give you the same service, and there may be some helpful factors that will prompt you to upgrade early.

Aging Furnace Tell Tale Signs

There are some distinct physical issues to monitor in an older furnace. If you notice signs of rust, corrosion or other deterioration inside or outside of your furnace, then you are probably close to the point at which a failure can be expected. Similarly, rattling, humming or vibrating noises are signs of trouble that may precede the demise of your heating equipment. It’s time to consult with your heating professional about the condition of your unit and the options for a replacement.

Frequency of Furnace Repairs

If your heating contractor is so familiar that it seems as if he is part of the family, then you are probably better served by the installation of a new furnace. Although a repair may keep your heating system functioning through the winter, it’s time to weigh the costs of continued repair calls against the benefits of a new system. Letting more breakdowns occur will continue to drain your bank account, and that money may be better invested in more modern heating solutions.

Inadequate Furnace Performance

You may weather the winter without a repair, but skyrocketing gas bills and poor comfort levels could be taking a bite out of your wallet and making your family miserable. Compare the efficiency levels of your current heating system with the potential efficiencies of new systems. Today’s equipment can provide significant improvements in energy performance. Additionally, multi-stage furnaces allow you to customize your heating performance to meet your family’s comfort needs on a day-to-day basis. Rather than operating only at a high setting, your updated system could provide a low setting that will allow you to avoid that oven-baked feeling so common during the winter heating season. You should experience fewer swings in temperature as well.

Furnace Maintenance Priorities

As you consider your repair costs and efficiency levels, you may need to evaluate the care that you have given your furnace through the years. Do you make it a point to have your system inspected and adjusted annually? If you don’t, this may be a significant contributor to the breakdowns and poor performance you are experiencing. If maintenance is on your fall checklist each year, then your technician can advise you of the current condition and longevity expectations at each year’s appointment. Maintenance plans often include benefits such as discounts for service calls and priority service when you do have problems.

The staff at Conditioned Air is committed to providing prompt service and efficient diagnostics as you deal with any heating breakdowns or emergencies during the winter months in and around River Oaks, TX. Whether you need to schedule a maintenance call or whether you are ready to discuss estimates for a new system, we can schedule your appointment when you contact our office.

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