Most heating and cooling systems use ducts — large tubes that transport conditioned air — to keep every room of your Sugar Land, Texas, home comfortable. A problem with your ductwork can waste energy and harm your indoor air quality. If you notice strange noises, high utility bills, and warm or drafty in your home, your ducts might need professional attention.

Strange Noises

Ductwork is usually made from sheet metal, and if there’s a problem, it can cause different noises. Loose ductwork often makes a rattling noise. Since ducts become looser with age, you may need to replace your ductwork if you hear this sound often.

A clogged duct or air filter can cause ductwork to shake or vibrate. If you hear scratching, buzzing or other noises, you might have pests like bees, mice, raccoons or birds in your ductwork. Schedule a professional to inspect your ductwork to get rid of annoying noises and take care of any problems before they worsen.

High Utility Bills

If your utility bills keep rising, you could be losing warm air in winter and cool air in summer through faulty or leaky ducts. Move furniture and carpets away from your HVAC system’s air registers to increase airflow. If your bills don’t decrease, a professional should check for problems with your ductwork.

Warm or Drafty Areas

If some parts of your home tend to feel warmer or cooler than the rest of your house, you might have a leak in your ductwork. You might also have a dirty or clogged duct that’s obstructing your system’s airflow. If the uncomfortable area isn’t near your HVAC system, insulating your ductwork should resolve the problem.

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