The geothermal HVAC ystem has numerous benefits compared to traditional air conditioners and heaters. But while these systems typically require fewer maintenance and repair services, they sometimes malfunction. Here are telltale signs that signal your geothermal heat pump in Bellaire, TX, needs repair:

Wet Spots

The presence of wet spots on the area around the coils signifies that the heat pump of your geothermal system is malfunctioning. It’s rare for the spring or loop to leak, but it’s possible. A loop leak can happen mostly if your machine is more than 45 years old.

The loop has water and antifreeze materials that will pop up unexpectedly. However, the pump comes installed with a dye to help you know where the leak is coming from. If you see some bright colors in the soil or lawn, contact an experienced HVAC service technician to come and inspect your system.

Power Loss

Sudden loss of power is a clear sign of a problem with your geothermal heat pump. It indicates that your interior cabinet or loop is malfunctioning.

It’s hard to identify power loss; you can only know you’re losing power when your system starts to work harder to attain the temperature set on your thermostat. When you see that your system is running longer to achieve your comfort goal, contact an experienced HVAC service technician.

Rising Energy Bills

Many people will see a change in their electricity bills, but they don’t know that this is a sign of a failing heat pump. The geothermal heat pump is one of the most efficient systems you can find; thus, your energy bills should remain the same throughout the year.

When you see a sharp increase between months, contact your service technician to inspect your system. If you continue to operate it, it can cost you a fortune and further damage the geothermal system.

If you suspect that your geothermal heat pump is failing, contact our HVAC repair team at Conditioned Air today. We specialize in geothermal HVAC and can help you restore comfort in your ome.

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