An inefficient HVAC system can increase the energy bills of your Sugar Land, Texas home. If you notice a sudden spike in your energy bills, it may be because of reduced HVAC performance, and this requires immediate professional attention. Here are five signs to look for when you suspect your HVAC system is losing its efficiency:

Old HVAC System

HVAC systems have long, useful lives, but performance drops considerably after 10 years. An old HVAC unit will have experienced serious wear and requires frequent repairs and maintenance. A professional can advise you on the best options to improve HVAC performance while saving.

High Energy Bills

Unusually high energy bills are another sign of an inefficient HVAC unit. If your monthly bill rises suddenly with no change in the weather or season, ask an HVAC professional to check your unit. If the system has a problem, it’ll work harder and consume more energy.

Low Refrigerant

Low refrigerant levels will make your HVAC inefficient, especially during the spring and summer months. This can be because of a leak that needs immediate repair. Contact an HVAC professional if you suspect your HVAC system is leaking refrigerant.

Dirty Air Filters

Dirty air filters can make your HVAC system inefficient. Clogged air filters make it harder for your system to pull air through, meaning it has to work harder to circulate the air. During the summer and winter months, change your air filters monthly or as recommended. Regular filter replacements not only keep your HVAC system energy efficient, but they can also improve its longevity.

Thermostat Sensor Issues

If your HVAC system is struggling to maintain the ideal temperature in your home, you may have a faulty thermostat. Thermostats help to keep your home at a constant temperature. But a problematic one can force your heating unit to work harder, increasing wear and energy bills.

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