It’s no secret that a thermostat is crucial to home comfort and energy use in Stafford, TX. Your thermostat acts as the interface between you and your HVAC system, so having one you are comfortable with is extremely important. With so many different types of thermostats on the market, upgrading may seem a little intimidating. However, there are some very good reasons to get a thermostat upgrade and it’s easier than it looks if you break it down.

Types of Thermostats

The first step in getting a thermostat upgrade is to decide which type you want.

  • A digital thermostat works similarly to an analog thermostat, but with a screen that makes adjustments easier and more accurate. You won’t see much of an energy bill reduction with a digital thermostat, but if you are simply looking for a more convenient option, this could be the right fit.
  • The more popular and effective option is a programmable thermostat. These units allow you to program your ideal temperatures at the times you want, and will automatically raise or lower even when you are sleeping or away from home.

Find a Compatible Model

Each programmable thermostat will have details about which systems it works with. Some will work with one-stage heating and cooling systems, while others are compatible with multi-stage systems. You also need to consider any unique features of the home, like a zoning system.

Program It

Once you input your preferred settings, you likely won’t have to return to your thermostat very often. Pick the type of cycle that fits your normal schedule (seven day, five day, etc.), and put in your desired temperature settings for different times of the day.

Benefits of a Thermostat Upgrade

There are several benefits of a programmable thermostat upgrade, but it really comes down to improved energy efficiency and convenience. You will no longer have to walk to your thermostat multiple times a day, and you won’t waste energy heating or cooling your home unnecessarily.

If you need help finding the perfect thermostat for your Texas home, contact the HVAC experts at Conditioned Air TX.

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