Are you planning to purchase a new HVAC system for your home in Sugar Land, Texas? If so, make a point to choose an energy-efficient model. You can tell if a certain air conditioner is efficient by looking at its Seasonal Energy-Efficiency Ratio (SEER) rating. The following are three important things you should know about SEER ratings:

Use SEER Ratings to Compare Energy Efficiency

SEER refers to the ratio of an HVAC unit’s total cooling output to the amount of energy it consumes over the course of a season. Every air conditioner on the market today has a SEER rating, and you can compare the energy efficiency of different models by looking at their SEER ratings. Systems with higher SEER ratings are more efficient. As a result, they help you maximize your energy usage.

Minimum SEER Ratings Vary Depending on Region

In 2015, the Department of Energy imposed minimum SEER requirements for three different areas in the country. In the North, all HVAC systems must have a minimum SEER rating of 13. The minimum SEER requirement for the Southwest and South, which includes Texas, is 14.

SEER Ratings Enable You to Calculate Energy Consumption

You can calculate how much it costs to use a certain HVAC system if you know its output and SEER rating. Here’s an example:

If the air conditioner is rated at 18,000 BTU/h and runs for 10 hours a day for 125 days during summer, its total cooling output will be: 18,000 BTU/h x 10 hours x 125 days = 22,500,000 BTU.

If the unit has a SEER rating of 16, the amount of energy it consumes will be: 22,500,000 BTU ÷ 16 = 1,406,250 Wh or 1,406 kWh.

So if you’re paying an electricity rate of $0.12 per kWh, the total cost of using this air conditioner throughout summer will be: 1,406 kWh x $0.12 = $168.72.

An HVAC system with a high SEER rating is usually more expensive, but it’s a worthwhile investment because it can significantly reduce your energy bills. But not all homes need an air conditioner with a very high SEER rating. That’s why it’s important to schedule a load calculation.

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