Dealing with a major air conditioning problem isn’t enjoyable, especially during the hot and humid summer months in River Oaks, Texas. But you don’t have to suffer in sweat. Read on to learn three tips on how to prevent major AC problems and stay comfortable.

Schedule Maintenance

To avoid major issues with your air conditioning system, you need to perform maintenance on it every year. A routine AC tune-up includes a full test of the system to make sure everything is working properly. Your service technician will:

  • Inspect the components within the indoor and outdoor units
  • Clean any dust or dirt that has built up over the past year
  • Check the refrigerant level to make sure it’s not running low or leaking

The service technician can spot any warning signs and recommend a plan for repair right away. As a result, you can reduce the risk of the system breaking down in the future.

When the temperatures and humidity are high, the last thing you want to worry about is whether the AC system has enough coolant to maintain a comfortable indoor atmosphere. Therefore, by keeping up with maintenance, you can feel confident that your AC system will keep your home cool.

Check the Thermostat

Older thermostats tend to have trouble, especially when they’re connected to newer air conditioning units. If your thermostat is showing an inaccurate temperature, an HVAC service technician should take a closer look. Replacing the thermostat is a fairly straightforward process, and it can help you maintain a more comfortable temperature in your home. Consider upgrading to a programmable or smart thermostat for savings.

Clear the Drains

Your air conditioning system needs a proper place to drain excess moisture. When the system removes moisture from the air, the condensation moves through a drain line and out of the home. Clear that drain line regularly to avoid a backup that can result in water damage.

Schedule your air conditioning maintenance service with our team of professionals. Contact Conditioned Air at (281) 561-6911 to fix your AC problems right away.

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