Many homes use programmable thermostats to maintain the temperature settings of their cooling systems, but not everyone uses them to their full potential. They can be programmed to automatically accommodate your cooling needs when you’re home and set higher to conserve energy when you’re away. If you’d like to optimize your summertime cooling process by installing a programmable thermostat, there are several options to consider.

Choosing the Right Programmable Thermostat for Your Lifestyle

  • A basic 5+2 model allows up to four daily temperature settings for weekdays and separate settings for weekends. If your household goes to work, school or has outside activities each day, set the thermostat to your desired comfort level each morning, then program it six to eight degrees higher throughout the day when no one’s home. Set it back to a cooler temp in time to make the house comfortable when you return, then set it higher again overnight. On weekends, you can keep it cooler during the day and raise the temperature overnight.
  • A 5+1+1 thermostat offers the same 5-day schedule with the added option of programming Saturdays and Sundays separately.
  • The 7-day model offer the most energy-efficient options, allowing you to individualize each day of the week. These are designed for families with more diverse schedules throughout the week.
  • Choose a model with a “hold” feature that can conserve energy while you’re away for extended periods without re-programming the unit.

Tips for Getting the Most From the Thermostat You Choose

  • Install the thermostat on an interior wall, away from windows, skylights, registers and drafts.
  • For more efficient cooling, program it for longer periods of time, such as during the day or while you’re sleeping.
  • Overriding the settings will negate its energy-saving features. Program the thermostat to best meet your comfort needs and then use ceiling fans to help circulate the conditioned air.
  • If you have a heat pump, talk with a qualified HVAC contractor about maximizing year-round savings.

For more energy-efficient tips about programmable thermostats, contact Conditioned Air TX. We specialize in finding solutions to your home comfort needs.

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