During the summer in Sugar Land, TX, you want to make sure your air conditioner doesn’t break down. The best way to keep your air conditioner running properly is by scheduling professional AC maintenance. Here are five big problems that AC maintenance can prevent.

Prevents Electrical Issues

During an air conditioning inspection, your service technician will check all the electrical wires. At this time, they will be able to detect and replace faulty wires and loose connections. This will help prevent power loss.

Detects Worn Parts

It only takes one worn part to break and bring your air conditioning system to a full stop. During an AC maintenance inspection, your service technician will look at commonly worn parts. They will be able to replace any old parts and keep your air conditioner running at peak efficiency.

Cleans Dirty Coils

The evaporator coils are responsible for removing warm air from your home. When the coils are dirty, they won’t be able to effectively transfer that heat out of your home. The service technician will be able to clean your air conditioner’s coils and maintain peak performance.

Increases Comfort on Sunny Days

A well-maintained air conditioner will be able to perform flawlessly on hot summer days in Sugar Land, TX. This will ensure that your home stays nice and cool. You will also be able to quickly cool your home when needed.

Lowers Energy Bills

AC systems that have not been maintained will require more energy to cool your home. That can lead to higher energy bills. With AC maintenance, your system will perform at peak efficiency and lower your energy bills.

Overall, a clean air conditioner runs more efficiently, lowers your energy bill and keeps you more comfortable. Call Conditioned Air today for fast and affordable AC maintenance services.

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