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Managing your heating and cooling systems does not have to be a mystery. From home energy audits and indoor air quality consultations to emergency repairs and new system installations, Conditioned Air has the expertise that you need. We specialize in delivering value, integrity, and respect to every customer, every time. We want to be your local source for accurate information about staying cool in summer and toasty warm in winter without busting your budget.

Common Air Conditioning Problems

Many common air conditioning problems are due to a lack of routine preventive maintenance. Skipping the annual service checks can allow simple problems to get worse. Electrical malfunctions, drain clogs, refrigerant issues and trouble with the fan and coils, for example, can easily be avoided. Head these off by scheduling time to take care of your system. Consult a professional from Conditioned Air when your system goes offline, makes strange noises, or fails to maintain the correct temperature.

Helpful Tips

  • Check the air filters every month, and replace them before they become clogged. Blocked filters can hurt efficiency by forcing the unit to work harder to compensate.
  • Keep bushes and yard debris away from the outdoor unit. Branches, leaves, and grass clippings can damage the fan blades and other components.
  • Move furniture and draperies away from the vents. Blocking the vents can cause issues with airflow.
  • Learn to properly program the thermostat to take advantage of energy-efficient options.

More Heating and Air Conditioning Information

Check out our blogs and articles for additional information to help you make smart choices about whether to repair or replace an aging system, reducing heating and cooling bills, and maintaining your equipment. You’re also welcome to call us during business hours for information about any area of our service. Our technicians are trained to conduct home energy audits and provide advice about conserving energy and improving indoor air quality.

The Conditioned Air Promise

Whether you just have a few questions or are thinking about upgrading your HVAC system, Conditioned Air is ready to help from start to finish. Our technicians receive special factory training and earn NATE certification, which is the gold standard for the industry. With Conditioned Air, there’s never any pressure to buy. We want to earn your trust and start a lifelong relationship instead of focusing on just one sale. Contact us today with your heating and air conditioning questions or to set up an appointment for repair or a free in-home estimate. Your comfort is our job.

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