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The Quietest AC Options for Your Texas Home

Aug 25 2017

You shouldn’t fill your home in Stafford, Texas, with unwanted noise pollution. Older air conditioners are usually loud, cycling on and off while creating distractions. To ensure you sleep in peace, consider investing in one of the quietest AC options on the market. Mini-Split Ductless Systems One of the biggest selling points of a mini-split […]

When Should I Get My Ducts Cleaned?

Jul 25 2017

When you turn on the heat or air conditioner in your Stafford, Texas, home, forced air works its way through your ductwork before it flows into each room. However, dust, debris, and other contaminants come along for the ride. Fortunately, a thorough duct cleaning can eliminate poor air quality while delivering improved HVAC efficiency. If […]

3 Signs It’s Time to Change Your Air Filter

Jun 22 2017

The air filter in your Stafford, Texas, HVAC system is a crucial element that protects your home from the dust, dirt, dander, and other irritants circulating through the air. Make sure you know the warning signs of an old filter so you can make a prompt change when it’s time. You’ve Outlasted the Manufacturer’s Recommendation […]

3 Awesome Perks of a Nest Thermostat

May 29 2017

Released in 2011, the Nest learning thermostat has revolutionized home comfort. Blending the excellent facets of a programmable thermostat with “smart” learning technology and Wi-Fi capabilities enables you to keep the best temperature in your home year-round. If you still have an old thermostat in your Stafford, Texas, home, or you’re looking to upgrade, here […]

4 Tips for Cleaning Vent Covers

Apr 15 2017

You should leave duct cleaning in your Belleaire, Texas, home to a professional. If you haven’t changed your air filters often enough, or if you’re not using powerful enough IAQ implements, your vent covers can get dirty and dusty. You don’t need us to clean your vent covers: this is a DIY job you can […]

Electrostatic Air Filters: What You Need to Know

Mar 19 2017

What’s the best way to filter the air in your Stafford, Texas, home? Most HVAC filters use textiles or fiberglass to filter the air and are disposable. Electrostatic air filters, however, are a washable option that use static electricity to trap the particles in your indoor air. Are electrostatic filters right for your home? Learn […]

How Your Travel Plans Affect Your Indoor Air Quality

Dec 28 2016

For many Bellaire, Texas, homeowners, the holiday season means more travel than usual. No matter how long you’re planning to be away, you want to make sure that your home stays safe and healthy while you’re gone. Learn how your travel plans can affect your home’s indoor air quality (IAQ), and find out how to […]

What You Should Know About How a Ventilator Works

Dec 23 2016

If you live in a newly constructed home or an older but well-insulated home in River Oaks, Texas, you benefit from a tight building envelope. At the same time, however, if you keep your windows and doors closed at all times, your home might also suffer from poor ventilation. Learn how a ventilator can improve […]

How to Curb Energy Waste in Your Home

Dec 13 2016

Whether it’s winter or summer, most Sugar Land, Texas, homeowners could easily save energy by making a few small changes. Discover simple ways to stop energy waste throughout your home and start saving money. Turn Off Lights If you’re in the habit of leaving lights on at all hours, make a plan to start turning […]

How a Geothermal System Keeps You Cozy

Dec 07 2016

When winter weather arrives in River Oaks, Texas, you want to feel confident that you’ll stay warm and cozy all season long. If you’ve never considered a geothermal system before, it’s not too late. Learn how a geothermal system can keep your family comfortable and help you to save energy and money. Eco-Friendly Energy One […]

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