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3 Tips to Trim the Energy Bills While Staying Comfortable

Feb 14 2018

As the seasons change in Sugar Land, Texas, you may notice an increase in your monthly utility bills. Instead of spending a fortune to heat and cool your home, check out these tips to help trim the energy bills without sacrificing comfort. Clean the Ducts One way to trim bills and improve efficiency is to […]

3 Benefits of a Smart Thermostat

Jan 15 2018

With the temperature shifts in River Oaks, Texas, it’s not always easy to keep your home feeling comfortable. If you’re looking for a better way to control your comfort indoors, consider upgrading to a smart thermostat. Here are three ways you’ll benefit by doing so: Get Rid of Human Error When your bills are high, […]

3 of the Best IAQ Solutions to Combat Poor Indoor Air Quality

Dec 11 2017

If air quality is a concern in your Stafford, Texas, home, you need to address it quickly. Poor IAQ can cause an array of health-related concerns, including worsened allergy symptoms and asthmatic issues. Fortunately, there are ways to rapidly improve poor indoor air quality. Clean and Ventilate Your Home Prevention is key to avoiding poor […]

Practice HVAC Efficiency and Don’t Let Your Heater Gobble Up Energy

Nov 08 2017

The ghosts of Halloween are gone, and football season is in full swing. That can only mean one thing: Thanksgiving is almost here. While residents in Stafford, Texas, are still enjoying warm temperatures, the cold weather isn’t far away. Here are three ways to ensure you’re practicing HVAC efficiency and not letting your heating system […]

3 Signs Your Ducts Need Work

Oct 17 2017

Most heating and cooling systems use ducts — large tubes that transport conditioned air — to keep every room of your Sugar Land, Texas, home comfortable. A problem with your ductwork can waste energy and harm your indoor air quality. If you notice strange noises, high utility bills, and warm or drafty in your home, […]

3 Reasons for a Fall Furnace Tuneup

Sep 20 2017

As the seasons change in River Oaks, Texas, the weather cools down during fall’s evenings and early mornings. If you’re like most homeowners, you probably haven’t turned on your furnace in months. Waiting until the first cold day of the year to turn it on can lead to issues if something isn’t working properly. Instead […]

The Quietest AC Options for Your Texas Home

Aug 25 2017

You shouldn’t fill your home in Stafford, Texas, with unwanted noise pollution. Older air conditioners are usually loud, cycling on and off while creating distractions. To ensure you sleep in peace, consider investing in one of the quietest AC options on the market. Mini-Split Ductless Systems One of the biggest selling points of a mini-split […]

When Should I Get My Ducts Cleaned?

Jul 25 2017

When you turn on the heat or air conditioner in your Stafford, Texas, home, forced air works its way through your ductwork before it flows into each room. However, dust, debris, and other contaminants come along for the ride. Fortunately, a thorough duct cleaning can eliminate poor air quality while delivering improved HVAC efficiency. If […]

3 Signs It’s Time to Change Your Air Filter

Jun 22 2017

The air filter in your Stafford, Texas, HVAC system is a crucial element that protects your home from the dust, dirt, dander, and other irritants circulating through the air. Make sure you know the warning signs of an old filter so you can make a prompt change when it’s time. You’ve Outlasted the Manufacturer’s Recommendation […]

3 Awesome Perks of a Nest Thermostat

May 29 2017

Released in 2011, the Nest learning thermostat has revolutionized home comfort. Blending the excellent facets of a programmable thermostat with “smart” learning technology and Wi-Fi capabilities enables you to keep the best temperature in your home year-round. If you still have an old thermostat in your Stafford, Texas, home, or you’re looking to upgrade, here […]

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