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How We Calculate Heating and Cooling Loads

Oct 25 2016

Many persons believe that a bigger air conditioner will give them more cooling power. However, if your air conditioner is not correctly sized for your home, you could be wasting money and sacrificing comfort. When installing your system, your HVAC technician should observe certain steps to make sure that the air conditioning system for your […]

Staying Comfortable in the Texas Autumn

Oct 16 2016

Autumn in Sugar Land, Texas, can be chilly on some days and warm during others. It’s not unusual to find that during this season, you might feel the need to use your heater as well as your air conditioner. Open drapes on cooler days to let the sun help with heating, and close them on […]

How to Help Your Resale With Efficiency Upgrades

Oct 10 2016

When selling a home, most sellers consider remodeling and adding upgrades. Most often, they consider redoing the kitchen, the master bathroom, the landscaping, or adding a porch. USA Today reported in 2012 that making energy-efficient upgrades to your home can lead to a nine percent higher resale value. If you’re selling your Bellaire, Texas, home, […]

Fall Decor Ideas that Are Safe for Persons with Asthma

Sep 27 2016

Autumn can bring about a host of asthma triggers, particularly in the warm Sugar Land, Texas, area where ragweed can persist long past the summer peak. Troublesome allergens can come from sources both inside and outside the home, with many present in the very items you’re using to dress up your space. Give your home […]

How to Freshen Your Fall Indoor Air Naturally

Sep 20 2016

It’s easy for our homes to get a bit stuffy and musty in River Oaks, Texas, in autumn when we are in between the hot and cold seasons. You can use easy strategies to freshen your indoor air without using harmful commercial products or unnatural ingredients. Simmer Tasty Scents on the Stove To get started, […]

4 HVAC Errors That Are Costing You Money

Sep 12 2016

Many homeowners take their HVAC system for granted, trusting it to provide comfortable temperatures in hot Stafford, Texas, weather with little to no care and attention. Neglecting your HVAC system will cost you money in several ways, just as a few smart moves can quickly put cash in your pocket. Skipping Annual Maintenance You should […]

How to Get Rid of Contaminants in Your Home

Sep 05 2016

There are many places where allergens and germs can go unseen in your Bellaire, Texas, home. Taking a closer look at your surroundings can help you identify hidden contaminants that are ruining your indoor air quality so you can take corrective action. Consider Your Cleaning Tools You probably think of your sponges, dishwasher, and vacuum […]

The Inner Workings of Ductless Air Conditioning

Aug 30 2016

You’ve probably heard about ductless air conditioning, and you’re probably wondering why so many people in Sugar Land, Texas, have made the switch to this kind of system. What are the benefits of paying to install this new technology in your home? How can an air conditioner work without ductwork? Through the effective use of […]

2 Energy-Saving Benefits of Custom Ductwork

Aug 23 2016

This summer, homeowners in Bellaire, Texas, have been looking for ways to keep their home cool and comfortable without significantly increasing their energy costs. While you can find many ways to save energy, installing custom ductwork in your home is one of the most efficient methods. Ductwork that is tailored specifically to your needs and […]

Poor Indoor Air Quality May Lead to Reduced Productivity

Aug 09 2016

Poor indoor air quality is problematic enough in your home, but it’s probably causing even more damage at the office. The indoor air quality (IAQ) in your Sugar Land, Texas, business affects a number of things, from HVAC efficiency to system longevity. IAQ also has a profound effect on your productivity and your employees’ ability […]

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