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Heating, ventilation, and air conditioning (HVAC) are all about climate control. Professional HVAC contractors do everything from designing high-tech heating and cooling systems for new commercial construction to performing routine maintenance on your business’s system. At Conditioned Air, we do it all, and as a Carrier Factory Authorized Dealer, we treat our customers with respect and unparalleled professionalism. It is also our duty to provide high-efficiency products and prompt service every time.

Your Complete HVAC Service Team

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Indoor climate optimization is a delicate blend of many variables. A comfortable indoor environment includes appropriate temperature control, balanced humidity levels, clean indoor air and proper ventilation. When any one of these systems has a problem, it can throw all the other systems out of whack. But with Conditioned Air, restoring balance to your indoor environment is just a phone call away. We offer the following commercial products:

Commercial Packaged Products and Control Systems

  • Outdoor packaged rooftop units
  • Self-contained indoor packaged units
  • Packaged product control systems
  • Packaged products accessories

Commercial Airside Products and Control Systems

  • Central station air handling units
  • Coils
  • Air treatment/indoor air quality products
  • Air terminal devices
  • Induction air terminals
  • Fan coils
  • Unit ventilators
  • Airside control systems

Commercial Construction

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Approximately 40 percent of our commercial projects are design/build projects and 60 percent are plan and spec. We are capable of designing anything from conventional DX systems to more complex projects featuring large or specialized equipment. We have full CAD and manual drafting capabilities and in-house plotting. HVAC system designs can be provided for either electronic or hard copy submission. Stamping of our designs by registered professional engineer Scot Varnau P.E. is readily available. We also fabricate our own sheet metal rectangular without duct sizes being a limitation.
We have experience with variable refrigerant volume systems (Daikin), geothermal systems, chill water, zone controls, VVT and VAV system humidity control, low ambient cooling, and partial loads, energy recovery ventilation, and outdoor air units. Conditioned Air has installed DX split systems and packaged units in sizes to 50 tons and chillers of 70 tons. Our new construction installations include multiple office buildings, movie theaters, churches, supermarkets, retail stores, warehouse spaces, medical/veterinary and various commercial buildings.

We have also performed numerous renovations, change outs, and retrofits. Our specialty installations include clean rooms, bio-safety hoods, veterinary surgery rooms, and green building construction such as LEEDs projects, foam encapsulated buildings, and ICF walls.

Professional HVAC contractors

Conditioned Air replaces and installs and designs commercial heating and cooling systems. We’re committed to high-efficiency products because they save money every month on utility bills while preserving natural resources. A high-efficiency HVAC system will cost less and serve well for many years to come as long as it receives regular maintenance. Call us today to discuss your commercial HVAC needs and options.

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