Radiant Heating

Radiant Heating Contractor Sugar Land, TX

In the quest for the best high-efficiency heating technologies, radiant heat is emerging as a winner. This method, which includes underfloor heating systems, has been proving itself in homes for thousands of years. Though the basics of using radiant energy remain unchanged, new products offer today’s homeowners and business owners quiet, comfortable, allergen-free warmth in a practical setup. Conditioned Air is ready to explain the benefits of radiant heat and other high-efficiency systems so that you can make an educated choice. We want to be known as a company focused on value, integrity, and respect in Greater Houston.

What Is Radiant Heating

Forced-air heating systems blow warmed air through ductwork and into rooms to heat the space. Unfortunately, much heat energy is lost in the process. Radiant systems instead, heat objects that then radiate warmth into the space. Dare to step barefoot on a Houston patio or sidewalk in July and you’ll quickly understand how it works. When it comes to warming your home or business, radiant heating systems typically work via wall panels or in-floor systems. Today’s systems take this age-old technology to a new level with:

  • hydronic systems that use fluid-filled pipes
  • electrical resistance systems that use heating elements
  • boiler, solar or geothermal integration
  • alternative ways to heat water
  • high-efficiency systems that minimize heat loss

Is Radiant Heating Right for Me

Warmed floors are a luxury feature in higher-end bathrooms, but they can be a practical choice too. For example, the cost of running ductwork to a new addition or to a remodeled space can be prohibitive. Adding radiant heat to the walls or floor may be a workable alternative. Installation costs typically run higher than for forced air in new construction, but radiant systems can be up to 30 percent more efficient. Without forced air, the circulation of allergens can be greatly reduced in these rooms. Of course, there’s nothing like the feel of a toasty warm floor on a chilly morning.

Radiant Heat Service and Repair

Whether your heating system is hydronic or electrical resistance, our certified technicians have the skills and experience to perform needed service and repairs. We work on all brands of equipment, and provide emergency repairs 24 hours a day. Our crews pass background checks and are committed to providing respectful, professional service. All of our work is backed by a 100 percent satisfaction guarantee. We’ve been in business for years, and we have the integrity to carry proper licenses and insurance policies for your protection. Flat-rate pricing gives you the value you need with no surprise fees or charges on the bill.

Installing Radiant Energy

Radiant heating should last for years but this starts with good equipment and the right installing contractor. We’ll share our advice and recommendations for your situation, taking into account your needs and budget. We stand behind all of our work, and our top-rated products carry warranties for your peace of mind. After the installation, we’ll provide a recommended maintenance schedule to keep your system running properly for years to come.

The Conditioned Air Promise

Thanks to our reputation for quality service at a fair price, Conditioned Air has been serving the Sugar Land, TX, area for more than half of a century. Our residential and commercial services are based on giving customers what they need with no high-pressure tactics. We’re leading the way in alternative products that boost efficiency and conserve energy -– creating solutions today for your comfort tomorrow. Contact us to find out if radiant heating is the right choice for your home or business.

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